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About SandFree Massachusetts

SandFree Massachusetts is owned & operated by Tina Snider and Tom Wolfe. Tina had 120 year-old floors that needed to be refinished but she didn't want the hassle, dust and disruption associated with traditional floor refinishing companies. Most of these companies sand floors, cause major dust, mess and force you to move out. Plus, her floors probably wouldn't have been able to withstand that process because they were so old that they didn't have many layers left.

Once refinished, Tina was blown away with how good her floors looked. She called her friend and trusted colleague, Tom Wolfe, to examine the work. Tom has worked in the carpet and flooring business for more than 20- years and he couldn't believe the difference. So, together they decided to invest in their own SandFree franchise. SandFree Massachusetts is the only franchise of its kind in eastern Massachusetts - they are local, dedicated and meticulous in every detail.

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