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Q) Will it get rid of scratches?
A) SandFree® is focused at the existing finish. If the scratches are in the existing finish then they will be removed. If they are underneath the top finish coat or if they are in the wood, then the SandFree process will not remove the scratch. However, there still is a good chance that we can fix the scratch with different types of repair.

Q) What about paint splatters and spots?
A) Some latex paint will loosen and come off during Phase I. Most paint will be removed by hand scraping during the first three phases of the process. There is an additional charge for this labor.

Q) How durable is it?

A) This is a question of appearance retention.  We feel our premium finish will last 6-8 years.  You may still scratch the surface, but considering the whole floor, we are confident you will experience satisfactory appearance retention for the time frame we recommend.

Q) Will it work on laminated wood?

A) Absolutely. In fact, we feel SandFree is the only method that can refinish an engineered floor offering multiple finishes and the ability to change the color. Because the wear layer is so thin, you can't afford to sand it. Because we only affect the layer above the wood, this is perfect! If you maintain the finish you won't wear out the wood.

Q) Can you repair localized damage?
A) Yes. We have replaced boards, hand-scraped boards, sanded boards, stained the affected areas, and then performed a SandFree process on the whole floor. If you don't expect a perfect match of new wood to old wood, it works beautifully. Opting for the Color Magic system increases our ability to repair localized, damaged wood.

Q) How do you deal with stair treads and risers?
A) We do stair treads and risers by hand.

Q) What is curing?
A) Curing is associated with the Premium Urethane finish and is the hardening of the urethane. It hardens from the top down. Therefore, the urethane may feel dry, but it isn't hard. As the hardening continues downward, the urethane is curing. The urethane is more than 50% cured in 6 hours, 90% cured in 24 hours. 100% curing occurs in 48 hours.

Q) Do you do gyms?
A) Yes, and restaurants, museums and much more. Traditionally, gyms are refinished by "screening" the floor and applying a coat of oil-based urethane every year. That is a 2-phase process. Ours is a 5-phase process. We will prove that our process is superior and will reduce the long-term cost because it may be possible to refinish every two years. We only use the Premium Urethane on gym floors or other commercial spaces.

Q) Why is it that your stripping process doesn't eliminate the original finish? Wouldn't it be easier to start the refinish with raw wood?
A) You don't need to remove the finish. You need to prepare it to receive another coat of finish. Any finish that is present after Phases 1-3 has a good bond and is providing protection for the floor. We add to that protection.

Q) Will it get rid of pet stains?
A) If the stains are in the finish, yes. If the stains are deep in the wood, most likely not. Our process will probably fade the stain superficially. There are other options such as tinting, wood replacement, etc… Or you can use the Color Magic System.

Q) I have been waxing my floor. Can you SandFree this floor?
A) Yes.

Q) Do you remove Orange Glo, acrylic polymer, Mop n’ Glow?
A) Acrylic Polymers generally do not bond well to existing urethane. When these products chip, peel or flake, it leaves depressions in the finish. So, our process can fill these depressions but it can not “fix” them.

Q) I have gaps between the boards. Will SandFree fill these gaps?
A) No

Q) Can you SandFree over varnish and shellac?
A) Yes and yes.

Q) My existing finish is peeling. What should I do?
A) The peeling finish needs to be removed. We can do this for an additional cost.

Q) Isn’t oil-based urethane better than water-based urethane?
A) For a long time oil-based urethane was considered better than water-based urethane, but that was a long time ago. Over the past 5 years the water-based urethane manufacturers have improved their products - especially those who have introduced the catalyzed products. We feel that the water-based product that we use is much better than the available oil-based products - harder, longer lasting, and clearer. It is used by Brunswick on their bowling alleys. Also, it costs more than twice the cost of oil-based urethanes. You have to know that you're paying for something.

Q) What finishes and sheens are available?
A) The Premium Urethane comes in 4 sheens. Gloss looks like a bowling alley, used in heavy-duty commercial spaces like gyms. Semi-gloss has a lot of sheen but doesn't look like glass and can be used commercially or residentially. Satin has a little bit of sheen but creates a beautiful, mellow floor tone. This is the most popular of the finishes and the best for hiding dog scratches. It adds a nice patina to the wood. Matte has no sheen. It doesn't look like there is any finish on the wood. We use this in museums, and in applications where you desire absolutely no light reflections.

Q) Will you move furniture?
A) Yes. In fact, furniture is the determining factor of the per foot price. If there is little, if any furniture, the price will be very low. If there is furniture, but it can be moved to a room that we are not refinishing, the price is a little higher. If there is furniture and we can't move it out of the room, we have to do 1/2 of the room, and then move the furniture, and do the other half. That is the most expensive option, but still very affordable.


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