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Welcome to SandFree Massachusetts

Now You Can Finish Your Floors Without Sanding!

SandFree® is an environmentally-safe wood refinishing system utilizing a comprehensive dirt removal process and a premium urethane finish. SandFree works on wood, laminates, and engineered floors. Our system is dustfree, dustless...meaning absolutely no sanding! Most jobs are completed in one day, eliminating the post-sanding nightmare and messy clean-up. It’s a great way to maintain or improve your home (before you sell your house or after you move in) and business.

Because there is no sanding – making it sandless and dustless.

Because we use all water-based products, we are safe for people and pets. There’s no lingering chemical smell like traditional sanding.

Most jobs are completed in one day and you can move back onto your refinished area in 24 hours or less. Another great feature of water-based products is… no dust to clean, no odor to contend with - get back into your home, restaurant, office, gym, place of worship, etc. the very same day!

  • Comprehensive dirt removal process
  • Safe for the environment, people & pets
  • Color Magic - to enhance or change your exisiting floors
  • Works on laminates & engineered floors
  • You are back on your floors in 6-24 hours
  • Inexpensive upgrade to sell your house or before you move in

SandFree Massachusetts is a subsidiary of SandFree.com®

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