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Our 5-Step Process

What is our Process?

Phase 1
Softens the existing urethane, and begins the intense, deep cleaning process.

Phase 2
Continues the cleaning process using our specially designed wood “zamboni” ensuring deep dirt removal.

Phase 3
Final cleaning step, removes any left over grease and oil while often restoring your floors to their natural color.

Phase 4
The first coat of urethane, which is the bonding coat. It helps adhere the urethane finish to your floors.

Phase 5
The final coat of urethane with your choice of finish – Matte, Satin, Semi-Gloss, Gloss – from the most durable, catalyzed water-based urethane available.

NO DUST because there in NO SANDING!!
Eliminate the post-sanding nightmare and the messy clean up.


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