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"SandFree transformed my floors. The men were courteous and professional…wonderful to work with, on budget and on time!"
-Nancy and Tom H.

"Tom – Friend, the floor looks beautiful. Thank you!"
-Carol E., Burlington

"Please thank your employees for their great work on my new home's floors this past Saturday. I was back in the house yesterday, and the floors look marvelous. When my mom had seen the floors beforehand, she thought they looked fine as they were. But when she saw them yesterday after your refinishing, she was impressed and agreed it was worthwhile. I’ll have you come back to refinish those floors we skipped this time around."
- Mike B., Acton

"What a hassle-free way to enjoy the beauty of our old home’s wood floors."
- John, Winchester

"We have a dust allergic child, so sanding isn’t even an option for us. I was so happy to discover SandFree wood floor refinishing, and I’m loving it!"
- Alice S.

"More often than not, customers take time to write letters only to file a complaint about products purchased or services purchased.  However, I wanted to take a few minutes to write and attempt to convey my thanks and appreciation for the work that you and your crew (Wayne and Hoang) did in my condominium.  As you know, I had a tremendous amount of anxiety associated with having the floors done and you successfully allayed all of my fears.  I thank you for your understanding.  Also, you were well aware of my concerns for my cats.  Again, thank you for your understanding.  I was very concerned about the disruption in my life and as it turned out, there was no reason for concern. I am absolutely thrilled with the result.  As I mentioned to you when I look at the floors…it takes my breath away.  I can’t thank you enough!”
- Marlene T., Winchester


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